After a period of several years at home raising a family this client was ready to return to full-time employment. During her time at home she held many volunteer roles such as classroom helper, fundraiser for scouts and religious educator. She also had a part-time job as an office manager/bookkeeper for a local painter. Despite having a degree in civil engineering and previously being a project manager, she did not feel she had much to offer the marketplace today.

We discussed how we could showcase her talents in a way that would be transferable to the business world. She realized that the biggest speed bump slowing her from finding a new career was her lack of confidence. We role-played how she could present herself in a positive manner.

Following a few interviews where she learned a lot about how to market herself, she landed an opportunity as a project manager and couldn’t be happier. She has begun to rebuild her confidence and will continue to grow and expand her options in the career part of her life.

Tools used: noticing and acknowledging the “Gremlin”, role-playing, mock interviews, resume development