Career Change

Employed in a family business as a project manager, this client felt it was time to move on to a different career challenge but he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. He had earned an advanced degree from a prestigious university but had not pursued possible employment related to his studies. He was extremely adept at brainstorming and assessing situations. By his own admission, his challenge was “overthinking” and then talking himself out of taking action.

This client needed time to sort through a lot of questions – what was his main career interest area? How could he be sure? How would he go about presenting himself to get noticed? And how would he know once he received an offer if he should accept it? Coaching sessions were a combination of phone calls and in person meetings. Each session was somewhat related to the previous, but the client’s thoughts were as varied as the opportunities he was considering. After several months of dialogue, Jan encouraged him to pick a path, explore it and then either stick with it or move on to the next. Choosing a path to focus on took a bit of time but after taking a DiSC assessment, consulting with some trusted advisors and then being approached by a recruiter, an action plan developed.

The client is now working as a project manager for a well-known construction company that does building restoration. He is challenged and feels he has found a path that suits him.

Tools used: DiSC profile, consulting with trusted advisors, developing goals and establishing manageable action steps related to the goals.