Relocation to the east coast because her husband secured a new opportunity there prompted this client to seek some coaching assistance. Previously a media director, she knew she was looking for something different but didn’t quite know what.

We discussed what she liked about her previous work and what she did not. We examined her skills and she took a DiSC assessment to reinforce what she thought and also obtain a list of corresponding career choices. We created a resume that accentuated her transferable skills. Deciding she was attracted to working in the culture of higher education we discussed how she could expand her network of contacts to assist with her search. We also discussed what areas of higher education might be a fit.

Within a couple of months a high school friend let her know about a newly created position entitled "Communications & Assessment Specialist” at a local college. She interviewed and got the job. Focus, networking and diligence paid off!

Tools used: DiSC assessment, resume development, expansion of her contacts through networking and social media.